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Introducing: Mr Shift

What the **** is Mr Shift?

Well times change and so do interests, in my last post I propositioned the European Halo community as a last-ditch effort to get some spark back into my content creation and like Halo Infinite it lacked time and interest.

But that wasn’t a bad thing I returned to old hobbies and over the past couple of years, I’ve fallen for music production in a big way again.

That brings me to Mr Shift, after messing about with samplers and DAWLESS workflows, I feel pretty comfortable releasing some of those tracks.

I will have more to reveal over the coming months but who would have thought Music Production and Digital Production could work so well together?

Many plans are in the pipeline and I’ll be testing a lot over on YouTube & Twitch so follow or subscribe to keep up to date!

I will be keeping the music side separate on social, so follow Mr Shift on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates and news.

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