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10 bands you should have listened to in 2022

Welcome to my top 10 bands of 2022, heavy/extreme music in the past year has seen some insane evolution. We’ve seen bands such as Lorna Shore, Brand of Sacrifice and Darko US raise the bar to what extreme music can be and the emotions that they can also convey.

It just makes sense to highlight some of the insane acts that have released music and share 10 of my favourites from last year

Remember this is MY top 10 list so if you disagree or think I’ve missed someone, let me know your thoughts on Twitter!

The Chosen 10!


Orphan is a deathcore band that has been making a splash in the heavy music scene since their formation in 2021. Known for their intense sound and passionate live shows, Orphan has gained a devoted following among fans of heavy music.

One of the standout elements of Orphan’s music is the powerful lyricism, which touches on a range of emotions and themes. In the song “Calluses,” the band explores the theme of loss and the pain of missing someone, while “Dying Light” delves into self-destructive behaviour and the struggle to find meaning and purpose in life.

With their raw and honest approach to songwriting, Orphan offers a unique and emotionally charged listening experience for fans of heavy music. If you’re looking for a band that can tap into the depths of the human experience and deliver a powerful and intense sound, Orphan is definitely worth checking out.


Ithaca is a band that seamlessly blends the brutality of metalcore with blackgaze, 90s industrial metal, 70s prog, and even tinges of 80s power pop. Covered in glitter like a nail bomb, the band’s new album, “They Fear Us,” is a testament to their clear vision and aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from the members’ ancestral heritage, queer/non-conforming identities, and iconic figures in avant-garde, new wave, and post-punk culture, Ithaca is a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music scene.

Kublai Khan TX

Kublai Khan is a band that has been making waves in the heavy music scene since self-releasing their first EP, “Youth War,” in 2010. Their latest single Swan Song is a powerful tribute to the struggles and hardships faced by women, particularly those working in the sex industry who face abuse, poverty, and trauma.

The Gloom In The Corner

The Gloom in the Corner is a concept-driven metalcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Their music is characterized by powerful, aggressive riffs and intense, emotive vocals that explore themes of faith, society, and personal struggle.

One example of their lyricism can be found in their song “New Order,” which tackles themes of religion, power, and resistance. The lyrics draw on Biblical references and explore the idea of being burdened by the expectations and judgments of others. They also address themes of violence, oppression, and the consequences of actions. The song speaks to the idea of breaking free from the constraints of society and finding strength and purpose in the face of adversity.

Overall, The Gloom in the Corner is a band that delivers a powerful, thought-provoking message through their music. Their raw, emotive sound and insightful lyrics make them stand out in the metalcore scene.


Malevolence is a heavy metal band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 2010, the band consists of guitarists Josh Baines and Konan Hall, vocalist Alex Taylor, and a rotating lineup of drummers. Malevolence released their debut album, “Reign of Suffering,” in 2013 through Siege of Amida Records, and have since released two more albums, “Self Supremacy” in 2017 and “Malicious Intent” in 2022.

Throughout their career, Malevolence has supported a number of well-known metal bands on tour, including Obey the Brave, Dying Fetus, Darkest Hour, Unearth, Knocked Loose, and Despised Icon. In 2019, the band established their own record label, MLVLTD Music, as a means of releasing music with as much control as possible. In addition to their full-length albums, Malevolence has released a number of singles and EPs, including “The Other Side” in 2020.

Malevolence’s music is characterized by heavy, aggressive riffs and powerful vocals. Their lyrics often explore themes of anger, resentment, and the consequences of making decisions in the heat of the moment. In the song “On Broken Glass,” for example, the band sings about the destructive power of anger and the long-term impact of actions taken in anger. The lyrics speak to the idea that the scars of the past can never be erased and the importance of taking care to avoid making mistakes that can’t be undone.


Paledusk is a Japanese metal band that has been making a splash in the heavy music scene with their unique blend of metalcore, industrial, nu-metal, and EDM. Based in Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu, the band gained widespread attention in 2020 with the release of their four-track EP, “Happy Talk.” Paledusk has strong ties to the Australian heavy music scene, having supported fellow label mates Alpha Wolf, Polaris, and The Amity Affliction on multiple Japanese tours. These bands have all praised Paledusk as the next big thing in the Japanese heavy music scene.

Fans of “Happy Talk” can expect more new music from Paledusk soon, as the band is known for their unique sound and style. Their lyrics often reflect themes of partying and having a good time, as well as overcoming challenges and living life to the fullest. Keep an eye on Paledusk in the heavy music scene, as they are sure to continue making a impact with their energetic performances and unique sound.


Unprocessed is a band from Wiesbaden, Germany that is known for their ability to constantly develop and experiment with their sound. Despite being raw and natural in their skill, their music is futuristic, progressive, and multifaceted.

One example of their unique lyricism can be seen in the song “Portrait.” The lyrics explore themes of power, worth, and self-image, with the speaker being crowned king from birth and struggling to maintain their power and worth. The speaker also reflects on their own vulnerabilities and scars, and the importance of art and creativity in helping to heal and find strength. The lyrics also touch on the theme of slavery and the desire for change.

Overall, Unprocessed is a band that offers a fresh and innovative sound, with thought-provoking and introspective lyrics. Their music is sure to appeal to fans of progressive and experimental rock.

Berried Alive

Berried Alive is a band that is known for their genre-defying sound and their colourful, playful brand image. The duo behind the band, Charles Caswell and Kaylie Caswell, have a freewheeling artistic approach and are constantly experimenting with their sound. In addition to their music, Berried Alive also offers a range of commercial offerings, including clothing and a recently launched beer partnership.

The band’s lyrics often touch on themes of self-doubt, regret, and the struggles of life. In their song “I Barberryans,” the lyrics explore the feeling of being overwhelmed and lost, and the desire to escape from one’s own thoughts and emotions. The speaker confesses their own mistakes and struggles and reflects on the messiness of life and the importance of finding moments of beauty and hope despite it all. Overall, Berried Alive’s music and lyrics offer a unique and relatable perspective on the human experience.

Immortal Disfigurement

Immortal Disfigurement is a new band featuring CJ McCreery, formerly of Lorna Shore and Signs of the Swarm, on vocals, Josh Freeman on guitar, and Shane Slade on bass. The band’s debut single, “Dragged Through the Inferno,” is available now, along with an official music video directed by Joey Durango.

The lyrics to “Dragged Through the Inferno” explore themes of pain, suffering, and resilience, with McCreery singing about his own experiences with torment and how he has managed to overcome it. The song also touches on the harsh realities of the world and the cruelty and coldness that can be found within it.

Immortal Disfigurement’s music combines elements of metalcore and deathcore, with heavy riffs and brutal vocals. The band’s debut single showcases their aggressive sound and their willingness to tackle difficult and emotional subjects through their lyrics. Fans of Lorna Shore and Signs of the Swarm will likely find much to enjoy in Immortal Disfigurement’s music.

Darko US

Darko US is a heavy metal band that combines deathcore, electronica, ambient, and progressive metal to create a unique sound. Formed in 2020 during the start of the COVID pandemic by Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin and Josh Miller of Spite, the band has been actively creating and releasing new music.

Their lyrics often deal with themes of power, manipulation, and the human experience, as exemplified in their song “Acid Inject,” which explores the consequences of ambition and the corrupting influence of power. If you’re a fan of heavy metal music and are interested in exploring new sounds, be sure to check out Darko US.

Their new EP Dethmask, PT2 was also released just a few days ago and it SLAPPPPS.

Want more?!

So that’s my top 10 from last year, what are the bands that stood out to you in 2022?

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